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Why Clean Your Buggy?

This is a lot more than just a surface clean...

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We feel it is important to tell you WHY we clean...

Everybody likes their buggy looking and feeling clean, but as well as the visual satisfaction of having a clean buggy there are numerous health benifits too..

Research by hygiene company, Milton, revealed 71% of common baby items had high levels of bacteria present, with pushchair seats, bibs, blankets, baby grows and plastic feeding spoons the worst offenders. Bacteria, viruses, and mold may not be detectable, but they are potentially some of the most hazardous pathogens that can result in irritations, allergies, and infections.

  • Scientific research commissioned by Zoflora has highlighted that a child’s high chair had 1,500 times more faecal bacteria than the same child’s potty.
  • In 2007 a study by the Hygiene Council found that 60 per cent of food trays on baby high chairs in the home were found to hold Coliforms - bacteria that indicate a surface has been contaminated by faecal matter, raw meat, soil or unwashed vegetables.
  • Research conducted by Microban tested highchairs across a number of restaurants found that some high chair trays were relatively clean, others had concentrations of bacteria as high as 1,200 bacteria per square centimeter.  The average public toilet seat has eight bacteria per square centimeter.

The equipment we use.

Here at Peachy Clean Buggy we are committed to using high quality products to ensure we clean you pushchair in the safest and most effective way.  We not only use detergents to clean children’s equipment we also use a Polti Steamer.  Steam is a natural way to degrease and deep clean.  Polti has eliminated the need to use chemical cleaning products to get rid of dirt, dust mites and allergies.  We have chosen a Polti Steamer as they boast thirty years of experience and specific know-how in the production of steam appliances.  The Polti is a very powerful steam appliance and the steam temperatures of 120oc  and high pressures are capable of detaching and dissolving dirt, eliminating bacteria and dust mites and so reducing allergic reactions.

The tests carried out by Cambridge University and Lyon Dermatological Hospital has demonstrated the effectiveness of Polti steam against dust mites (eliminated 98%) and allergens (eliminated 86%). In addition, British Allergy Foundation awarded Vaporetto its “Seal of Approval” for its effectiveness in eliminating mites.

Steam deodorizes and sanitizes...

When a steam cleaner is used, the tiny hot vapor molecules penetrate the pores of a surface, and as they come in contact with the cool surface of the pores, they expand and force all dirt, debris, and bacteria to the surface. Vapor molecules are so hot that they are not only able to extract pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella from surface pores, but also kill them.
Good-bye infectious enemies!

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