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About Us


Welcome to Peachy Clean Buggy.
The largest valeting and repair company in the North West

Do you keep putting your little one in a dirty buggy and are worried about germs?

Do you want to reuse a stored pushchair and are worried about the dirt and grime?

Do you have some used or second hand equipment that you want to use for a little one but are worried about how hygenic it is?

Is your buggy damaged e.g. wheels seized or brakes not working?

Has your little one been sick in their pushchair and you can’t remove the smell?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, or you have other concerns about the hygiene of a buggy, highchair or any other children’s equipment then contact us.

You may be thinking your buggy is clean, you may wipe it over regularly but If you look deeper you will find that your pushchair harbours a few things that are not so nice!!

We use years of cleaning knowledge, know how and up to date products and equipment to renew your buggies fabrics and chassis.  For most parents time is precious and so is the health of their children.  Peachy Clean Buggy enables your children to have clean equipment and using our service means we save you hours of trying to remove fabrics and put your buggy back together.

Peachy Clean Buggy uses minimal amounts of chemicals especially on areas children will come in to contact with and makes use of ‘dry’ steam technology to provide a safe method of cleaning. During each clean buggies are serviced and inspected for faults, parts can be repaired or replaced and all moving items are lubricated. Stains are removed (within limits of course!), metal areas polished and plastic treated to restore colour and protect from UV damage.

We provide hire buggies whilst your is being cleaned so you don’t have to struggle without.

We aim to have your pushchair cleaned and back to you within a week.

Please take a look at our services and contact us if you have any questions or wish to book your buggy in.

What Makes Us Different

Our goal is to provide a service that will exceed your expectations - In our opinion you can’t deliver the results we do in 2 or even 24 hours! We not only clean but service your buggy - we repair chassis, lubricate bearings and make sure fold mechanisms work as they should!

      Why Choose Us?

      * Steam & Extraction Cleaning

      * Tried and Tested Products

      * Chassis Cleaned and Polished

      * Bearings Cleaned and Lubricated

      * No Harmful Chemicals

      * Collection and Delivery service

      * Loan Buggy Available



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